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accessory, additional, alien, ambiguous, ancillary, another, arcane, auxiliary, barbarian, barbaric, barbarous, beyond, buried, cabalistic, censored, classified, close, closed, collateral, concealed, contributory, covert, cryptic, dark, enigmatic, equivocal, esoteric, exotic, exterior, external, extra, extraneous, extraterrestrial, extrinsic, farther, foreign, foreign-born, fresh, further, guarded, hermetic, hidden, hush-hush, intrusive, latent, more, more distant, mysterious, new, obscure, obscured, occult, other, outland, outlandish, outside, personal, plus, private, privy, remote, remoter, restricted, secret, shrouded, smothered, spare, stifled, strange, supernumerary, supplemental, supplementary, suppressed, surplus, surreptitious, thither, top secret, unbreatheable, under cover, under security, under wraps, underhanded, underlying, undisclosable, undisclosed, undivulgable, undivulged, unearthly, unexpressed, unrevealable, unrevealed, unspoken, untellable, untold, unutterable, unuttered, unwhisperable, yon, yonder

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.


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  • ulterior — ULTERIÓR, OÁRĂ, ulteriori, oare, adj. Care se face sau se întâmplă mai târziu (în raport cu un moment, un eveniment etc. dat); care urmează după ceva sau după cineva; posterior (1). [pr.: ri or] – Din fr. ultérieur, lat. ulterior. Trimis de ana… …   Dicționar Român

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  • Ulterior — Ul*te ri*or, a. [L., comp. of ultra, ultro, beyond, on the other side, properly cases of an old adjective, formed with a comparative suffix, which is akin to OL. uls beyond, L. olim formerly, hereafter, orig., at that time, ille that, OL. olle,… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • ulterior — (adj.) 1640s, from L. ulterior more distant, further, comparative of *ulter beyond (see ULTRA (Cf. ultra )). The sense in ulterior motives is first attested 1735 …   Etymology dictionary

  • Ulterior — Ul*te ri*or, n. Ulterior side or part. [R.] Coleridge. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • ulterior — I adjective concealed, hidden, not manifest, obscure, secret, unadvertised, unavowed, undisclosed, undivulged, unevident, unexpressed, unknown, unmentioned, unobvious, unperceived, unrevealed, unseen associated concepts: ulterior motive II index… …   Law dictionary

  • ulterior — (Del lat. ulterĭor, ōris). 1. adj. Que está de la parte de allá de un sitio o territorio. 2. Que se dice, sucede o se ejecuta después de otra cosa. Se han tomado providencias ulteriores …   Diccionario de la lengua española

  • ulterior — ► ADJECTIVE 1) other than what is obvious or admitted: she had some ulterior motive in coming. 2) beyond what is immediate or present. ORIGIN Latin, further, more distant …   English terms dictionary

  • ulterior — [ul tir′ē ər] adj. [L, compar. of * ulter, beyond, farther (see ULTRA )] 1. lying beyond or on the farther side 2. later, subsequent, or future 3. further; more remote; esp., beyond what is expressed, implied, or evident; undisclosed [an ulterior …   English World dictionary

  • Ulterĭor — (lat.), der fernere, weitere …   Pierer's Universal-Lexikon

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